As a choreographer, Gillian’s style is similar to physical theatre, focusing on narrative and the emotions of human experience.

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Parce Domine:

This is a work-in-progress solo based on the Comedia dell’Arte stock character Pierrot. Works-in-progress were performed three times at Dance Evening, Solo and Duet in Seoul across September, October, and November 2016. The piece explores the line between reality and fiction, the character and the player, and the hilarious and the heartbreaking.

Solo, Dance, Choreography


Home Series:

A series of five solos, one each for the various “Homes” in the choreographer’s life: America, France, Cambodia, Korea, and that ambiguous “Home” that is always so far away and so hard to define.

The solos were premiered as works-in-progress every month from March -July 2016 at Dance Evening, Solo and Duet in Seoul.  “Home, Part 4: Korea” was also featured at a July fundraising by the Seoul Young Leaders Club.

Solo, Dance, Choreography


A work-in-progress, this piece is an experiment in minimalist choreography, in which the same patterns are repeated over and over, but in slightly different circumstances and contexts. In this way, we investigate the relationship between three people as they navigate the space around and between each other.



The Things They Carried

This piece was created for Cambodian Living Arts and Season of Cambodia’s festival Jolona Jongjam (Acts of Memory) and premiered on June 4, 2015 in Phnom Penh. A story of three young men before, during, and after the devastating Khmer Rouge regime, The Things They Carried is a story of loss, love, and forgiveness.


Un peu de nous deux:

Created originally for a dear friend’s wedding, and later reworked and developed for the Sibu International Dance Festival in Malaysia in June 2014, this piece explores the complications and beauty of cross-cultural relationships.

Dance, Choreography

Cambodian Television Network

Gillian acted as choreography and coach for the Ballad dance team at Cambodian Television Network from December 2012 to June 2015, a team that performed backup dancing for the top Cambodia pop stars on CTN’s hugely popular live broadcast weekend concerts. Working with mostly untrained dancers, she built the backup dance teams from scratch and implemented a strong system.


Dans l’oeil de la tempête

One of Gillian’s first works, this piece was created for and premiered at the Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales et Européennes in Paris, April 2012. She brought the first American team to perform at the festival. Later, the piece was reworked and developed for “Choreoworkshop,” a showcase in Manhattan in June 2012. (New York) (Paris)

Dance, Choreography

Cambodian Living Arts Tumpeang

The result of eight weeks of workshops and six weeks of development and coaching, Gillian coached thirteen young Cambodian contemporary dance students through creating their own pieces. They were showcased in January 2013 at the Institut Français de Phnom Penh.

Choreography, Teaching