Gillian is an accomplished and published writer. She writes poetry, novellas, short stories, and non-fiction essays. On Medium, she writes for popular publications such as The Creative Café, The Leading, How We Get To Next, and Poets Unlimited. She also writes a weekly peace blog on her own publication Ferociously Peaceful and releases multi-chapter fiction on her publication Once Upon A What Now.


Gillian’s undergraduate thesis “Owning the Dance: Michael Jackson’s Movement Signature” is available for download from the Academic Commons here:



Not This Day! Special Features: Co-authored with her father, Kevin Rhodes, this book follows the two’s adventures of creating a multimedia stage show in 2006-2007. Available for purchase on Kindle:

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The Book of Noah: In the not so very far future, in a galaxy very close to home, a young politician faces an impossible choice, with impossible consequences that ripple down history through complete destruction and recreation to a new world and a new religion. Part sci-fi thriller, part Orwellian dystopia, The Book of Noah is the result of a seven year collaboration with Gillian’s sister, novelist Hilary Rhodes. Available for purchase on Kindle:

Writing, books