Gillian’s Art for Sale on Opensea (NFTs)

Yes – all right, I’ve done it.
When I first heard about the latest craze of NFTs and digital art sales, I honestly didn’t see how it was related to me. After all, buying and collecting art is the realm of visual art. I figured, there’s no space for performance.
Coincidentally, because I’m the content writer for Lahore Digital Arts Festival, I had to learn about the whole world of NFTs quickly for an article I wrote for their website. Then entered my good friend, Nettra Pan, who always has big plans and big plans for me. She convinced me that there is a place for all things in this new world of NFTs. Music videos, movement animations, photography – it all comes together. Supportive and wonderful as she is, she insisted I ‘mint’ a few pieces.
Collect my work via Opensea!
Right now I have six pieces for sale on the website and plan to add more in the future. The first four are part of a collection entitled I’m Just Here For The Colors. I’m Just Here For The Colors is a series of animated movement episodes featuring my alter ego, The Performer. Each episode represents its own emotional state, from playful exploration to manic destruction.

The other two are in a collection I am calling “Emperor“, and they are photographs from a collaboration with Pakistani photographer Bilal Awan.

The world of NFTs, which are entirely based on cryptocurrency, can be a bit daunting at first. There are lots of resources available now to help, however. If you are interested in purchasing one of these pieces and need some information on how to set it up, feel free to let me know!

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  • Tristen Bonacci
    7 months ago Reply

    Beautiful. I cried.

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