Queen Bitch and other collections on Opensea

Over the past few days, on the advice of a dear friend, I tried to get in on the World of Women Galaxy hype from 

@worldofwomennft. I entered giveaways, raffles, joined the discord. The #publicsale is not an option, bcuz simply put, I don’t have the money. I was not successful. And if I’m being honest, the whole experience was disquieting. The discord was full of “fam” and “frans” when it was clear 99% were interested because WOWGs are likely to make you rich overnight, and that’s it. NFT Twitter is full of the same thing: shill, get rich, repeat.
So I had a think, and decided to edit my listings on opensea to auction format. I’m starting with a very low floor price, and people can pay what they think the work is worth. Moreover, I will reinvest 80% of anything I make back into the nftspace – but with a few conditions: 
I will only invest in projects that are led/made by queer, women, BIPOC, and/or non western artists. If they have a community, it must be inclusive and diverse. If I make over 1ETH in profits, I’ll invest 10% into relevant organizations working towards climate solutions.
I’ll be making this information public, so anyone can check my math. Honestly, I don’t like 90% of what I see in the nftspace, and I don’t mean the art. But my friend would encourage me to see the good that’s there, and so I’ll try.

So! At the moment I have six pieces for sale. One is the final gif from a 4-part collection entitled I’m Just Here For The Colors (the other 3 have been collected). I’m Just Here For The Colors is a series of animated movement episodes. Each episode represents its own emotional state, from playful exploration to manic destruction.

The other five are in a collection I am calling Queen Bitch. They are a character created by me and Pakistani photographer Bilal Awan, and there are five versions, with various emotions. Make sure to check the “Levels” to see what your Queen Bitch is thinking!

I’ll be adding more in coming days, so watch this space – and remember: If “WGMI”, we have to create real value. Not just money for money’s sake.
You with me?