Gillian G Rhodes

Gillian is an accomplished and published writer. She writes poetry, novellas, short stories, and non-fiction essays.


Owning the Dance: Michael Jackson’s Movement Signature (Undergraduate Thesis, 2011)

Gillian’s undergraduate thesis “Owning the Dance: Michael Jackson’s Movement Signature” is available for download from the Academic Commons.

Tell Me A Story: 104 Short Stories in 52 Weeks

Tell Me A Story: 104 Short Stories in 52 Weeks (2017)

Based on the prompts of an online writing blog, Tell Me A Story is a celebration of their unique creative perspectives. Dad limited his entries to 100 words (exactly), producing piercingly realistic snapshots taken over his lifespan. Daughter preferred fantasy, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic fiction, and futurism. Their strikingly different stories are a testament to ingenuity, imagination, and creative commitment.

By The Angels’ Wings (2018)

Part fantasy, part dystopia, part post-apocalyptic fiction, By The Angels’ Wings is separated into three parts, each following a generation of the family that will change the course of history forever. Written over a decade as the author grew up in an increasingly fearful and chaotic world, By The Angels’ Wings is at once a plea for sanity and a manifesto of hope: for the power of love, the vitality of resistance, the endurance of the stories we tell, and the strength of our choices to influence it.

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