The Mystery Project: Special Offer on Patreon

Since I launched my Patreon page in the fall, my patreon page has become a really special place for me. It’s a place I get to share all the messy behind the scenes bits that go into my creative work and projects. I am so incredibly grateful for all my patrons, and I just love being able to share the raw side of the artistic process with them.

These days, I’m working on a huge new project. I can’t really talk about it publicly yet. All I can say is that it’s about layers, people, and labels. However, I’m so excited about it that I’m sharing exclusive updates with my patrons only. Because I’m so stoked about both the project and sharing it with my patrons, I’m making it into a special offer! The offer is running for the next two weeks, and all patrons pledging at any tier before January 24 will be eligible to receive updates, bts, rehearsal footage and more.

At the 2 dollar tier, you’ll be able to see all updates and blogs. At the 5 dollar tier I’ll be sharing rehearsal footage and vlogs. And finally, patrons pledging at the 12 dollar tier will receive personalized thank yous from the team.

My goal for this special offer is to add at least 5 more patrons. This will allow me in the coming months to focus more on new creative videos. If I hit my goal, I’ll do a special, patron-only livestream, a benefit which is usually reserved for the higher tiers!

Head over to my patreon at and feel free to reach out with any questions! I’m excited to share this journey with you.