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A very festive special offer on Patreon: a creative Advent Calendar!

Sign up at any tier on my Patreon by November 30th to receive a daily dose of festive content in December! The Performer Creative Advent Calendar could include videos, poetry, essays, reflections, photos, and more. Higher tiers can expect to receive an extra special surprise every week in advent.

2021 has not been the catastrophe that 2020 was, that can be said. Instead of full-on disasters at every turn, it’s been a lot of stop and go, confusion and anxiety as the world tries to move on and, for the most part, fails. It’s been frustrating, even more so as we start to understand that this pandemic could take years to fully be sorted. Not to mention, the climate crisis didn’t get any better while we were dealing with COVID, politics continue to swing towards fascism, and the world most days seems like a burning trash heap of failed humanity.

And yet – at the same time, we are still here. I’m still here. Somehow, still creating and still having new ideas. That’s why I decided to make this special offer on patreon and offer 25 days of fun little surprises. I think it will give me joy to create a little something every day, and I hope that they will do the same for you.

What can you expect from The Performer Creative Advent Calendar?

In traditional advent calendars, every day in advent you open a little door in a picture to find a little sweet or surprise behind. When I was a kid, my favorite advent calendar was a series of little tiny books that told the story of The Nutcracker. We added a few other story calendars over the years, and some years we had the traditional chocolate calendars.

This is a different kind of advent calendar. It’s not a physical thing, and I’m not technologically advanced enough to create an experience where you click on a door and find something behind it. Maybe next year! But what I can offer, is that every day until Christmas, you can come to my Patreon and find a little creative surprise.

I don’t know yet what it will be, because I will create it on the day before so it’s fresh. They might be little 15 second dance stories. Or a poem. A little essay. A short story. A photo. It will be something to make you think, something to make you smile. I may write a mini sci fi story like the ones in the collection my dad and I wrote a few years back. I may just show you a moment of the day through my eyes. Either way, it will be something to carry with you through the day, and something to look forward to every day in what is often a stressful season, in a strange year.

Sounds good, right?

The special offer is open from NOW until November 30th. It will be open to ALL TIERS starting from $2 per month, though higher tiers will get special surprises every week.

I’m really excited for this and to bring a little bit of joy to you and me to get us through the end of the year.

Visit my Patreon today to sign up!

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