About a month ago, I made a dance for my dad for his birthday. While I was doing that, I rediscovered all the recordings from his live concert back in 2008/9 or so. The concert was a wild mix of styles, some covers but lots and lots of original songs.

One of the songs in those recordings was “Killing Time,” and as I was listening to it, I realized it was the perfect song for my mood these days. I decided to make a new video featuring this song.

Happily Ever After is a piece for quarantine, for broken hearts, for late stage pandemic burnout. The title is meant to be ironic and thought provoking. This is a piece about beginnings that feel like ends and ends that feel like ends.
I shot the full video on my Osmo Pocket II in my flat in Lahore and edited it in videopad. Quarantine skills to the rescue!
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