Author name: Gillian Rhodes

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A very festive special offer on Patreon: a creative Advent Calendar!

Sign up at any tier on my Patreon by November 30th to receive a daily dose of festive content in December! The Performer Creative Advent Calendar could include videos, poetry, essays, reflections, photos, and more. Higher tiers can expect to receive an extra special surprise every week in advent. 2021 has not been the catastrophe …

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Catching Light International Collaboration

Catching Light is a collaboration between Croatian sculptor Milivoj Šegan and American performer Gillian Rhodes. Milivoj’s digital light paintings of ‘lumino mobile’ are created by putting light in hand-created terracotta sculptures and then photographed with long exposures. Gillian then projected the results onto a white screen and danced in and out of the projections. Finally, …

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All These Faces Are Mine

There is no disguise: all these faces are mine. All These Faces Are Mine is a collaborative photography exhibition bringing together photographer Moin Anjum, makeup artist Iftikhar ul Hassan, and The Performer. The series deals with themes of gender identity, drag, and gender presentation. The exhibition presents four characters: two which are ‘typically’ male and …

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Breathe: Dance For Climate Change

Between chaos and climate change, pollution and pandemics, it’s getting harder and harder to breathe. I made this video as a little reminder of blue skies and calm minds – because to breathe easy, we also have to be easy. Shot on my rooftop in Lahore, Pakistan with my J2 Osmo Pocket and edited myself.

All This Useless Beauty

Once upon a time, there was a great sorcerer. This sorcerer had everything anyone could possibly desire, wealth, power, fame. One of his favorite things was his collection of creatures as vast and as wide as the universe. But despite everything, he was not satisfied, because his collection lacked one thing. While his glass cages …

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Vida and The Void – Gallery

Vida and The Void was performed for a special edition of Sway With Us at Olomopolo. The occasion was Remembering Jahanara, in memory of a young dancer who was killed. The piece was about someone coming to terms with their own death. All photo credits to Omar Rehman. Excerpts from the live performance: