Author name: Gillian Rhodes

a performer looking frightened up and away over the camera with the words how to deal with stage fright

How to Deal with Stage Fright

Let’s be real: stage fright isn’t just for newbies. It’s something that can continue, even with experienced performers and public speakers. Stage fright can come in various levels and affect people in different ways. For some it can be almost incapacitating. I don’t usually get nerves before performances anymore, but I’ve also been performing for

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A dancer in motion next to a chair with the words should you get a dance degree

Are Dance Degrees Worth It?

I know what you’re thinking – dance degrees are probably useless. There are many reasons: dance careers are short, it won’t be recognized by anyone but dance companies, etc. However, the situation is a bit more nuanced, and that’s what I’ll be looking at it in this article. To start with, I’ll talk about the

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a dancer in a black skull cap and white shirt offering a paper rose to the camera with the words "Stage presence vs stage persona"

Stage Presence vs Stage Persona

Stage presence and stage persona are both terms used, sometimes interchangeably, in the performing arts. They don’t mean the same thing, however, and refer to different skills. Still, both are great assets for any performing artist, and indeed, having a strong stage presence is something that could be make or break for performers. While some

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