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Crooked Paths to Home: New Short Story Collection

I have a new short story collection out! Crooked Paths to Home is a collection of seven short stories, ranging from twisted fairytales to sci fi. From the description:

Crooked Paths to Home is an eclectic bunch of stories featuring a variety of colorful characters struggle to find their way in their surroundings, set in backgrounds of fairytales, science fiction, and more. From twisted fairytales to parallel realities where deities live alongside humans, the seven stories that make up Crooked Paths to Home are a celebration of the winding, wild paths that still, somehow, bring us to the place we need to be.

This collection is available now on Amazon in both Kindle E-Book and paperback formats.

I wrote the stories mostly in my early 20s as a way of figuring things out and working through ideas. Each one is exploring a different concept or trope, then finding its way through it. The longest story in the collection is The Writer, which imagines a world where fairytale characters know they are in stories and compete to be ‘the best.’ There is also a rewrite of Sleeping Beauty and the Little Mermaid. A new sci fi “She” which features time travel and romance. I’ve also included one of my most popular stories, The Glitch, about AI and the future of humanity.

The stories are a bit old, but they still hold today. Mostly, they are about finding the way. About people, trying to understand what is the best way forward. That’s something that never goes out of style.

Crooked Paths to Home joins By the Angels’ Wings, a sci fi post apocalyptic collection of three novellas, and Tell Me a Story, a series of short stories in collaboration with my father. They are all available on amazon as both e book and paperback formats.

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Happy reading, and please do leave a review after you’ve read!