gillian wearing suspenders with a fedora half covering her face

Artistic Alter Egos and the Next Step

I like alter egos.

I never really considered myself an actress, but perhaps that was because to act you play other people’s characters. I’ve always enjoyed creating my own. That’s why I talk about myself as a storyteller. Not every story has to tell you everything about itself! Some stories are just frames, a look, a moment, that makes you think – I wonder what else that person has to say?

My work is littered with various characters, and if you look closely you’ll see that some characters come up here and there again and again. In the past year or so, though, I started thinking about creating a few permanent alter egos for myself. A bit like David Bowie, one of my artistic inspirations. Honestly, I always thought Ziggy Stardust was a separate person, and when I discovered that Bowie had several other characters he performed, I thought, that’s so cool. How amazing if people came to different characters and only later found out it was the same person?

In some ways I already do this. There’s Boss and Khan Saab from the All These Faces Are Mine shoot. I’ve personified Sagittarius A* (the central black hole at the central of the Milky Way). There’s ‘Queen Bitch’ and her flip side, a shoot which was recently published in Vigour Magazine Fashion and Beauty. I’ve recently introduced a TV persona for more political related work, Georgine Becker (also the maiden name of my grandmother who passed in spring 2022 and who had her own short performing arts career).

But in just a month, I’m going a bit further. Actually, a lot further.

And that’s all I’m going to say for now. Keep your eyes out – a lot is going to change around here, and there’s going to be enough new content to cover all the floors and walls. The tentative launch is mid to late November, pending various things.

Stay tuned. The rocket is rolling out to the launch pad, and boy, it’s going some cool places.