Author name: Maur-Anne

blue stormclouds

I, in the Eye

All I know of life is that it changes. These words, I have written but they can’t be written enough, battered into the daily slow pondering — — too minute to notice — — blink-and-you’ll-miss-it time passing life passing — in a second over, rebuilt in a lifetime that could last anywhere between a breath […]

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neon psychedelic blue flower

Strange Flowers

There are strange flowers growing in the garden of my mind. Insidious weeds, they are, but delicate: fresh, luminous things that light the night, throwing shadows like full moon light. I’ve seen them before, these flowers, and too many years of plucking them and giving them to the wrong person has left me suspicious, unsure

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Gillian in a hoodie kneeling with a small lamp

Manifesto 2018

No to being a Changemaker No to leading as Leader No to stigmatizing the normal No to being a Savior No to focusing on impact No to seeking followers and views No to drama No to questioning and analysis No to hope and expectations Yes to presence Yes to local Yes to intuition Yes to

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Gillian learning kathak in a studio with an older woman

Who Am I in This City?: Leaving Seoul for Lahore, Part 2

“Do you think you actually changed in Korea? Or just sharpened?” During the course of a lovely 2-day wellbeing retreat with Recipes for Wellbeing in Lahore, we made something called a wheel of wellbeing. There were a number of factors to consider, such as mental/emotional needs, social and environmental, physical health, finances, personal growth, and etc. We

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black and white image of Raza Kazim at work

The 88 Year-Old Man

The 88 year-old man doesn’t say much. He considers each sentence carefully, his jaw slowly working. His face is fearsome and strong. He wears a traditional Pakistani tunic and trousers, with a yellow scarf carefully laid on his shoulders like a mantle. He drinks black coffee and smokes long cigarettes. The 88 year-old man speaks

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